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Structural Composites


  • Single parts of large size, manufactured using autoclaves amont the largest in Europe, for actual parts up to 15 x 3 meters
  • Composite parts in carbon fiber
  • Thermoplastic parts in single pieces, manufactured under vaccum, in various materials, including PEEK (PolyEtherEhterKetone)
  • Parts in light alloy foams
  • Plates in composites made of Al plates and polymer foams, with inhouse pickling of the Al plates
  • Heating systems, wired or continuous, powered until 400 V 3Ph, heating intensity up to 2 kW/m2, shaped and embedded in the composite parts

Partners: Tecnologie Avanzate (I), TecnavanInteriors (I), Abet (I)

Non-structural Composites


  • Formed polymers, foams
  • Complete reconditioning of aviation and railcar seats, including electric driven and composite seats, replacing the polymeric parts and the foams and reconditioning the mechanical parts
  • Ultralight luggage racks, with optional transparent check areas
  • GRP Parts, in large and complex shapes

Partners: Tecnologie Avanzate (I), TecnavanInteriors (I)

Structural and Non Structural Materials


  • Large plates in phenolic materials, with high fire and smoke resistance, especially for applications on the US markets
  • Honeycomb plates, in large sizes and with various surface materials including Al alloys, GRP, Carbon fibres, Nomex, Natural and Green recyclable materials, and other materials
  • Low-K: a family of Light and Hyperlight materials for thermal and acoustic insulation (proprietary product). Applied in F1 and LMP1 race vehicles in various areas, including engine bay and in the wheel/brake assy

Partners: Abet (I)

Metal Alloys Parts


  • Manufacture of very large size parts in 3DP-AM manufacturing

Partners: Sciaky (USA)

High Performance Windows and Transparencies


  • Windshields and Passenger windows for High Speed Trains, Regional Trains, Locomotives, Carriages, Metro and Tram cars

  • Transparencies with solar and electrochromic capabilities

  • Fire resistant glasses and windows

Partners: Jangsu Tie Mao Glass (CHI)

Electronic Controllers


  • SNG Controllers: a family of electronic thermal regulators and temperature readers designed to control, command and maintain the safety conditions in ballistic and advanced impact resistance transparencies.

Partners: Labor (I)

Special Products:

  • FFF: quick installation and removal dry system for rail passenger windows (Agt Patent pending)

Partners: Alstom Transport (UK), 42 Technology (UK)

Electrical and Electronic System and Components


  • Analysis, reconditioning and repair of traction and power components using reverse engineering methods. Remanufacture of system parts or subparts made of obsolete or non traceable components, redesigning their functionality using more modern and available components.
  • Analysis, reconditioning and repair of electronic control boards using reverse engineering methods. Remanufacture of board parts or subparts made of obsolete or non traceable components, redesigning their functionality using more modern and available components for an identical functionality.
  • Design and manufacture of new components to emulate and reproduce the functionality of the ones damaged beyond repair, through reverse engineering e redesign.

Partners: PSI Repair (USA)

Buy America


  • The technologies and products above can be made, all or in part, in the USA territory through partners and agreements already in place, to satisfy their Buy America regulations.

Partners: Dynamic Group (USA)