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Meccano is a project for the development of two hybrid electric/Hydrogen vehicles manufactured by Fiat. In this project, Agt has ideated, and manufactured with its Partners, a low consumption air conditioning and heating system especially designed for electric vehicles, using an innovative nanopolymeric membrane. Meccano is a Research Project financed by the Italian Ministry of Industries within a large program Industria 2015 – Sustainable Mobility

Fiat Research Center, CRF (I), Pininfarina (I), Labor (I), Dept. of Energetics, University of Roma Tor Vergata

Green Air


Agt has been leader in the ASI (Italian Space Agency) PPP (PublicPrivate Partnership) project “Green Air” for the ideation, structure, project management and deployment of two experiments on the International Space Station, ISS:

  • ICE (Italian Combustion Experiment): characterization and modelling of biofuels in microgravity to create an ideal burning reference for earth-used combustion chambers optimization
  • Diapason: capture of air nanoparticles by a thermoforesis developed instrument for the study of the atmospheric pollution

Both the experiments have been made by the Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano in his “Volare” mission

Partners: ASI (Italian Space Agency), NASA, IstitutoMotori-CNR (National Research Council), DTM (I)


Athena is a project funded by the Italian Defense Ministry for the development of very light, wearable electric generator powered by gaseous hydrogen, to supply the warfare electronics on board a soldier in mission or on an observing vehicle, allowing a significant power generation with very low acoustic and thermal signatures. Athena produces its own hydrogen by reaction of chemical hydrides and water in a specially designed reactor, converting the hydrogen into electricity through a silent and efficient fuel cell system. Athena has specifically been designed for use in Defense applications.

Larimart (Leonardo Group) (I), University of Roma Tor Vergata, Dept. of Energetics (I), Labor (I)


SeaKers is a system for the extraction of kinetic energy and its conversion into electricity on board sailboats, capturing the kinetic energy generated by the sea and waves movement onto the boat. SeaKers has been funded by the European Union through its funds for SMEs under the FP7 Frame program, and has been tested using a large waves energy mechanical simulator, specially designed and built for the purpose by the University of Oulu (Finland)

University of Oulu (FIN), University of Roma Tor Vergata, Dept. of energetics (I), CantieriNavalid’Este (I), Labor


POCT is a Research Grant given by the Lazio State to further develop an already-launched biochemical system. POCT analyses quickly and easily, through the use of special and selected reagents positioned in a self-contained module, the type of bacteria in a food or human fluid, allowing to select the relevant antibiotics in a few hours, avoiding the mix of antibiotics typical of the current methods longer assessment times. The work has allowed to develop the analysis automated box to be positioned in a kitchen or in a hospital department

MBS (I), University of Roma Tor Vergata – Dept of Pharmacy (I), Labor (I)


Hopip is a project,jointly funded by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Israel and Italy, to monitor and protect the Cultural Heritage sites through a satellite constellation network, allowing for each site a georeferenced observation in the optical, infrared and radar bands. Drawings and land observation data, including data from drones, can be added to the analysis. The data are then merged and elaborated into one single platform, allowing physical and mathematical simulations of the stability, and the risk management of the observed site. HOPIP allows the periodical observation of each site, for the updating of all the related data and its trends in time