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special products

Energy Losses Detection System

An AI algorithm based system for detecting the power losses on the utilities distribution lines (electric, gas and water), split in technical and non technical (frauds) losses. EnrCop has been thought and developed by Agt and its partner LISO, and can be sold as a product, embedded into the customer metering systems, or supplied as a turn-key service or SaaS (Agt – Liso Patent Pending)

Partners: LISO (I)


isaac project

Inferential Semantic Analysis for the Aggregation of Companies

An AI systems developed to scout the Companies social media (website, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc), extract the Company identifying features, analyse and weigh them with a semantic deep engine. The results obtained are ordered in a multidimensional space, exactly describing and positioning each Company, creating a specific database. The database library can then be queried to obtain associations of Companies by affinity or integration, to allow Companies positioned anywhere in the world to couple their capabilities into new, consequential products; or match groups or clusters of Companies to identify their matching position and capabilities on a synthetic basis, for the International Institutions or Associations use. Isaac has been fully developed in Agt with the assistance of Lazio Innova, and specialised to the Aerospace Companies to start with. Isaac can work on any Group or Category of Companies, and can create specific Groups by a self-created analysis of a scouting of big data.


PMA (Product Maturity Assessment)

A procedure to evaluate the positioning of an innovative product, process or service, based on a 9-levels scale (the same of the NASA TRL), but evaluating the product maturity on the basis of four fundamental parameters: its technical maturity, its process feasibility and cost, its marketing and sales strength, and its financial requirements. All these values are scored, analysed and then then merged into a syntethic score and report to allow the evaluation of the real readiness of the product, process or service to be manufactured and marketed. The PMA can be extended to evaluate the start-up Companies, their business model and their products