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Special alloys parts

  • Aero engine hot and cold sections metal parts manufactured by sheet metal forming, hot spinning, hydroforming and roll forming details and assemblies. Combustor baffles and liners, turbo engine lobes and other internal parts

  • Parts fabricated in high temperature alloys, Inconel alloys, Titanium based alloys, stainless steel of various grades

Partners: Dynamic Metals (USA), Gem City (USA)

Metal Alloy Parts


  • Manufacture of very large size parts in 3DP-AM manufacturing

Partners: Sciaky (USA)

Windshields and Transparencies

  • Heated windshields for civil aircrafts and helicopters
  • Acrylic passenger windows for civil aircrafts

Partners: Jangsu Tie Mao Glass (Chi)

Electronic controllers

  • Electronic thermal controllers to control, command and maintain the safety conditions in aircraft and helicopter windshields
  • Electronic controllers for early identification of deicing in the helicopter flightpath

Partners: Isocomp (I), TA (I)

ISS (International Space Station) experiments

Agt has been leader in the ASI (Italian Space Agency) PPP (PublicPrivate Partnership) project “Green Air” for the ideation, structure, project management and deployment of two experiments on the International Space Station, ISS:

  • ICE (Italian Combustion Experiment): characterization and modelling of biofuels in microgravity to create an ideal burning reference for earth-used combustion chambers optimization
  • Diapason: capture of air nanoparticles by a thermoforesis developed instrument for the study of the atmospheric pollution

Both the experiments have been made by the Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano in his “Volare” mission

Partners: ASI (Italian Space Agency), NASA, IstitutoMotori-CNR (National Research Council), DTM (I)